What Can Project Discovery Do

For Students

Project Discovery is more than a club and better than a class. It's a way to meet new friend and develop new skills.

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What Can Project Discovery Do

For Parents

What Can Project Discovery Do

For Educators

For nearly three decades Project Discovery has positively impacted thousands of students in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Sign Up NowProject Discovery is a post-secondary access program currently offered through 24 Partner Agencies throughout Virginia in grades 4 to 12. Project Discovery encourages students to stay in and graduate high school and provides resources and tools for students to successfully make the transition to post-secondary education.

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The Virginia Legislature has funded Project Discovery at the highest level since 2001.  With the approval of the budget last month, Project Discovery will receive $962,500.00 for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years.  All of the increase will be passed on to our partner agencies so they can serve more students.  Write to your Delegate and Senator now and thank them for their support of Project Discovery.

 Information on Student Loan Forgiveness.

There is a program that provides student loan forgiveness for people who take jobs in teaching, social work, public health, or with not-for-profit organization.  The program started in 2007, but the rules are not simple and the process can be very perplexing.  The Roanoke Times published an excellent article in their June 21, 2018 edition, with helpful hints on how to navigate your way to loan forgiveness. 

A link to this article is below.


 Project Discovery Has Moved!

Our new address is:
108 North Jefferson Street, Suite 517
Roanoke, VA 24016
Phone 540-767-6035
Fax 540-300-9236


 JMU Reports on Project Discovery Effectiveness


Project Discovery collaborated with The Madison Center for Community Development at James Madison University and submitted a program performance report.  JMU reported several key findings:
  • "Project Discovery participants enroll in college at a higher rate than their at-risk peers, both in Virginia and nationally;"
  • "Project Discovery participants . . . graduate from college at a higher rate than their at-risk peers;" and
  • "Students and parents had a statistically significant increase in college knowledge after completion of Project Discovery"
The full report can be found on the Virginia Division of Legislative Services' web site, Report 332, 2016, or can be downloaded from this JMU Study link. 

 Alumni! Please sign in and update your information.  Tell us where you are going to school or where you graduated.  We want to hear from you.

How you can help

Project Discovery needs your help.  Our hardworking and meritorious students can get the grades and study hard, but we need to help them find the resources to pay for college.  Listed below are links that will take you to various ways that you can support Project Discovery students.

Project Discovery has access to Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits.  A donation of $500.00 or more ($1,000.00 for businesses) can produce beneficial tax credits.  Click Donate Now for details.

You can now make donations directly to Project Discovery via PayPal.  Click on the "Donate Now" and you will be able to direct your contribution to your local Project Discovery program, the general state-wide program, or both!


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