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You know that a college education is the gateway to a brighter future for your child.  But sometimes the cost, the forms, and the deadlines seem just too much to deal with.  Project Discovery can help.  We have helped over 6,000 students get into college or technical school and we know how to it.

Your child should plan to apply to between three and five different schools.  Each will offer a different deal with a different mix of financial aid, work study, scholarships, and loans.  You will need to look at all the offers to pick the one that best fits your child's needs.  But all these applications can be expensive.  Project Discovery can help with some schools by providing fee application waivers.  Your local Project Discovery coordinator can help get SAT and ACT test fee waivers as well. 

Each year, Project Discovery takes seniors on trips to college campuses.  You could travel along as a chaperon.  This is a great time to see what the campus looks like, talk with other students and professors, see the dorms and taste the food in the cafeteria.  It is also a great time to talk with the financial aid and admission office.  They know how to help get your child enrolled and will be the people who can answer all of your questions about that particular school.

Project Discovery can help keep both you and your child on task during the long admissions process.  You should be starting early in your child's junior year of high school.  There are tests to take, applications to fill out, essay's to write, recommendations to obtain.  Your local Project Discovery Coordinator can help you get it all done on time and see that it is done properly.

It’s not too early to start planning for your child's future.  Project Discovery can help every step of the way. 


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