For nearly three decades Project Discovery has positively impacted thousands of students in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Currently offered through 22 local programs, Project Discovery assists students from predominantly low to moderate-income households and/or, potential first generation post-secondary education attendees.  Stressing the importance of education to these students, Project Discovery, through its partner agencies, provide workshops to improve basic skills (e.g., study skills, time management, financial planning, etc.) and assist students with the process of completing applications (admission and financial aid) to post secondary institutions.  As a result, a greater number of students who would not have gone on to post secondary education have elected to continue their education.

Project Discovery has a proven record of effective stewardship of the public dollars entrusted to them.  With a success rate of over 90% of last years graduating students matriculating to post secondary education, Project Discovery spends less than $850.00 per student.  Similar federal programs spend nearly $5,000.00 per student for the same type of programs.

Project Discovery believes that hardworking, meritorious students should not be deprived of an opportunity to attend college simply because of a lack of funding.  Our vision is to see that every student graduate from high school and every student who has the desire and demonstrates the ability, be able to attend post-secondary education.

Project Discovery's goal is to eliminate poverty through education.  A high school graduate earns 26% more than a high school drop-out.  A college graduate earns 36% more than a high school graduate.  Employment for adults with less than a high school diploma is less than 40% while over 80% of college graduates are employed.  It is clear that education is the "silver bullet" that can end poverty, not only for the graduating student but for the successive generations to come. 

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