How you can help PD

There are two ways you can help PD

Volunteer:  Get involved with your old program or find a program in a school near you.  You can speak to the class and tell them your success story.  Share with them that the hard word and effort you have put into your education has paid off.

Donate:  remember how your program was always scrambling for money.  Well now you can help.  Donations to Project Discovery are tax deductible and can be directed straight back to your old program if you choose.  Donations of $500.00 or more are eligible for a 40% tax credit (a $200.00 reduction in your state income tax) plus the federal income tax deduction. 

Project Discovery has over 5,000 alumni.  If each alum gave $100.00 per year, Project Discovery would have over a half a million dollar to help more kids succeed.  You've made it.  its time to give a little back.  Click on the Donate Now button to learn how to help the next generation of Project Discovery students.

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